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The Love of My Life                          
by:Rod L. Griffin
Contemporary fiction. Paperback ISBN#0-9718505-0-X
List Price Hardcover: $31.95 $19.17   Not yet released.
Trade Paperback - $21.50 $14.29  
E-Book - $6.99   e-Book, Available soon on e-book. View cart below
Compare prices and save:   Paperback

In his second novel, Griffin reminds us of what it's like to truly love someone.  
He reminds us of what it's like to find your truelove and feel real romance.  
He reveals a tale of true devotion, innocence, and affection, which ultimately
leads to betrayal by those closest to them.  A love that would last almost five
years and linger in the shadows for many more, the story takes us on a journey
of what it's like to believe in love again.

A young man of fifteen, Ryan Whitton was about to change his life forever.  
He was about to walk into a room and see the most astonishing woman he
had ever seen in his life.  A woman so ravishing she could melt your heart with
just a smile.  A lady so radiant with beauty she could stop you with just one look.  
Little did he know that he was about to experience "MAGIC," for the first time in
his life.  
In a small town located in South Carolina, Ryan and Samantha would find truelove;
they would find true happiness. They would lead their lives over the next few years
in a fashion most people only dream of.  They would create a bond of trust an
impenetrable force that no one could come between, and many would try.  Then one
day, in the middle of it all, Samantha's gone.  Did she break up with him?  Did she
find another lover?  Or, in the midst of their passion did friends and family betray them?  

They would soon face the difficulty of comforting each other while trying to get
through, trying to regain the happiness they once shared.  The story grows
more obscure and the betrayal is unimaginable.  Found guilty of an act undone,
the two lovers soon collide into a world of deceit.  Would they find a way to
overcome the verdict?  Would they get back together?  Would religion be the
ultimate excuse for their separation, or would their only crime be that they fell
in love too young?  

In this truly fabulous story based on actual events, in an era of youth,
Griffin takes us on a spellbinding ride of what it's like to live, love, and
betray the ones we care for.

Note: In order to read the excerpt, you must have a copy of, "Adobe Acrobat Reader."  
Click on the link to get your free copy!


“Griffin, known as ‘Mr. Romance’ (possibly more often) ‘the Thomas Kinkade of
American Letters’ is the best thing since sliced McKuen!”
The Austin Chronicle

A Lost Innocence        
by:Rod L. Griffin
Contemporary fiction
ISBN Data Hrdcver #0971850534, Parbk#0971850542, E-bk#0971850550
List Price Hardback: $31.95, $19.17
Trade Paperback - $21.50, $12.90
E-Book - $6.99 e-Book,  
Compare prices and save: Hardcover   Paperback
Young April Numark lived a normal life, she went about her life doing
the usual things most people do, working, spending time with friends,
and looking forward to the future.  Single, and an executive for a formal
wear empire; she leads her life in a typical contented fashion.  Then one
day, her world turns upside down.  Through a mutual friend she's
introduced to the most magnificent man, she has ever met.  
Dean Hollingsworth is a student at the local college, studying business
administration. The pair really hit it off and soon find themselves involved
in the greatest relationship both have ever encountered   They immediately
fall madly in love and both are amazed at how much they have in common!  
And the sex!  Oh, the sex only solidifies the belief that they are meant to
be with each other!   April is convinced that he is the one for her.  
But within a year, something changes?  Although they can't keep their
hands off each other, they can't stop arguing either!  Suddenly, out of
nowhere Dean's faced with a dilemma, will he break his commitment to
April and date another woman?

The lovers' relationship soon turns bitter, they're fighting and antagonizing
each other constantly only to make up the next day!  The abuse begins to
take its toll on the both of them and April begins to wonder if Dean is cheating
on her?  Arriving home early one day, she's surprised when she finds Dean with ...  
Does she catch him with another lover?  Will love and lust lead to murder?  

Take a twisting ride on a journey that leads to lust, love, abuse, and possibly

A Lost Innocence is a masterful novel of the power of lust, love, and the
jealousy that can come within relationships. How long it can take to find
romance and how quickly one can lose it. In his first book, written from a
woman’s narrative, Griffin confirms why he’s being dubbed, "Mr. Romance,"
and becoming one of America's finest young writers.
Read an excerpt from the book now!  Click here!  


“Griffin has a firm grasp on love, lust and jealousy!”  
Barnes & Noble

“On the side that destiny has a special someone for everyone,
Griffin brings us A Lost Innocence”
The St. Petersburg Times

“Rod L. Griffin?  Yes, a male romance writer!”
Weekly Planet

by:Rod L. Griffin
List Price Hardback: $31.95.  Not yet released.
Trade Paperback - $21.50 - ( ) Contemporary fiction.  
Compare prices and save:

What if you woke up one day and could totally change the world around you,
how it affected you, how it affected others?  What if you woke up one day and
suddenly had the power to move things with your mind, telepathy was instantaneous,
and traveling at the speed of light was normality.  What if you could exteriorize from
your body and travel the universe in an instant via the spiritual universe?  
And, what if you could do it all at will?  What would you do with such abilities?  
What would you create?  On one particular morning on a normal June day,
Derrick Welner was about to find out.  

Derrick suddenly wakes up one day to unexpectedly find that he has powers
beyond his belief!  Powers of the mind that supposedly are innate within man
but some how occluded.  Suddenly, for some reason Derrick has the ability to
tap into them at will!  But the powers soon turn to a hindrance!  The CIA wants
to recruit him!  The FBI considers him a threat to our national security!  The Air
Force wants him tested, and a psychiatrist is trying to have him committed!  
The media's on his tail as well trying to find out who's the man-stopping semi's
with his mind, parting fire, and saving lives!  All this while he tries to help LA's
finest fight crime!  

Will Derrick be forced to become a government agent, be jailed, be committed, what?  
Read Perceive and find out what happens to this new age hero!  
From Author Rod L. Griffin, get ready to experience the all-powerful you!

It has always been believed that the mind could do remarkable things, take
you to remarkable heights and achieve fantastic abilities.  For thousands of years
man has been searching for answers to freedom, answers to why some are blessed
with psychokinesis, telepathy and clairvoyance while others are not.  Why are these
abilities, supposedly innate within man occluded?  From Author Rod L. Griffin,
comes a chilling and provocative thought of how life can be when you tap into your
innate abilities.

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