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How to Buy & Flip Real Estate for a Profit!
By: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $19.50     
Trade Market Paperback - 180 pages. ISBN# 1-561-50429-7, Published by: International Wealth Success Inc.
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Book Description
How Do You Buy and Flip Real Estate with No Risk?  The new millennium is here, but how will you keep up with the new trends in the real estate market? How will investors purchase real estate in the new millennium? The answers are finally here!  In his latest book, Mr. Griffin shows you some of the fantastic benefits of investing in retail real estate in the new millennium. This great guide shows you how to flip properties for fun and profit while staying away from novice mistakes. Investing in retail real estate in the new millennium requires learning how to invest with No Risk while at the same time creating a huge profit.  Get started in your spare time learning how to purchase property in any market. The new millennium investor knows how to buy cheap and sell high, maximizing their investment dollars. Filled with ready to use strategies, checklists, real life case studies and success stories, this incredible book will show you how to: * Make Cash in Days not Years!  * Get into Retail real estate investing as a Business  * Buy Low and Sell High!  * Qualify the Property for Sale * Buy and leverage Property with No Money and Little Credit, and much, much more!  With a wealth of information, "How to Buy and Flip Real Estate for a Profit!" reveals the inside information you need, to begin building a personal fortune investing in real estate right now and in the years to come.

To read Mr. Griffins' accomplishments in the field of real estate go to: About Mr. Griffin


Terrific!!!, September 29, 2003
Reviewer: Daniel Robinson from Livingston, MT  
This is a fantastic book from a fantastic author. He not only tells one how to get started flipping Real Estate, he tells you how to find the funding. Very helpful for a guy like me, starting with nothing. Also you can actually get a hold of him if you have any questions. (very unusual) Before today, I have never written a review, but I had to say it. This book is TERRIFIC!!! Thanks Rod.

This was a very good book!
This was a really good book, Mr. Griffin gets right to the point and shows you how to do it.  He makes it look easy!  Thanks!  M.A., resident of Lutz, Fl. Aug., 2002

Listed, Best Selling No Money Down Book!

How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate with No Money Down Deals!
by: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $22.95
Trade Market Paperback - (September 1999) 165 pages. Published by: International Wealth Success Inc., Merrick N.Y.
Available wherever books are sold.  ISBN#1-56150-432-7
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Editorial Reviews
 Oct. 1, 1999 Tyler G. Hicks, Author of: "How to Make Millions in Real Estate in Three Years Starting with No Cash!"
This is one of the best creative real estate books I've seen in a long time.

 a beginning investor in Washington, May 31, 2000
... clearly the best creative real estate book on the market today!.. gives you so many solutions to purchasing real estate.

 an investor in Florida, March 15, 2000
It shows you how Anyone with No Cash, can start investing in real estate using only their Creative Mind.

 Book Description
Mr. Griffin began his writing career in the field of nonfiction and is considered one of the youngest opinion leaders in the real estate industry.  In his first published book he brings us his creative expertise. This great book offers a fresh perspective on creative no money down real estate deals, while showing the reader essential and creative steps for moving toward financial freedom quickly. It Includes forms, illustrations, and success stories for guidance in building your wealth in creative no money down real estate. The book delivers and brings home that anyone starting with no money and no credit can begin investing in real estate using only their creative mind. It offers: * Over 50 creative ways to purchase property for No Money Down! * The best kept 100% financing Secret in Real Estate in your area of the country! * Never before disclosed Secrets Investors haven't told us about. * How to Profit in real estate within Days not Years * How to Start your real estate Fortune with Literally Nothing! * How to Get Paid Investing In real estate while creating your own Wealth * How to Handle and Tame your Negative cash flows * Techniques to Selling your investment Property Fast! * How to Bankroll your way to Wealth within Two Years using Other Peoples Money {OPM}! Plus much, much more!

Are you like most Americans? * Do you need financing to begin your real estate career? * Have no or little money and no credit? * Can't find a qualified financial partner * Need personal mentoring? Well your problems are finally over! The book is perfect for both beginning and veteran investors, it shows how anyone can get started investing in real estate with literally nothing but desire and a creative mind. You will be amazed at what you find out! Investors for years have been successfully investing in real estate using these incredible methods, only to save the important data to be purchased for thousands of dollars.


Gives so many solutions!
This was a good book and I highly agree with the other reviewers. It gave so many solutions to purchasing property and I really felt as though I was able to get started after reading it. Thanks!  N.W., resident of LA, Ca., October 17, 2001

I Liked it!
I thought this book was very well written and very easy to read. The techniques that he gives are useful and practical! I highly recommend it!   D.O., a reader in Austin, Tx,, March 1, 2001

The knowledge I have gotten from this information has proven to be very valuable. Using the information I was able to make over $14,000 in 30 days! It works, thank you so much!  A reviewer, from Tampa, Fl., November 2, 2000

This Book was Fantastic!
Over the years I have bought a lot of real estate books but none of them ever gave this much information! I am so glad I bought it! For years I have not driven my car, to scared to confront traffic, people etc. But reading this book has given me the encouragement to start driving my car again so that I can really get busy doing real estate successfully! It has been wonderful receiving all this knowledge! I can't wait to purchase your next book, and thank you so, so much."  Aruva Loi, Detroit Mich. June 22, 2000

 How to Finance Your Way to Wealth with No Money Down!
by: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $149.00
Course Hard Bound - (June 1996) 200 pages, by: $olvency International Inc., Publishing
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      e-Book,  Available soon on e-book.

Book Description
This is Mr. Griffins main course on the subject matter.  Here he shows the reader how to get started investing in real estate with little to no money and no credit.  How to extract cash money at closing purchasing for No Money Down!  It contains drills and practical applications never before offered in any real estate course to guarantee the readers comprehension and understanding of the materials.  Plus, you'll receive or learn:

* FREE Personal mentoring   * How to Extract Cash Money at Closing purchasing with No Money Down!  * The Best sources of easy real estate Money, 100% Financing Sources you can use in your area!  * How to Really Communicate Successfully with other Important People in the Business.  * How to Drill, and Truly Negotiate Win/Win Deals.  * How to avoid some of the Pitfalls of this business.  * How to Get Past the Amateur phase and up to the Real Money!  * How to Quick-Turn real estate for a Cash Profit Now.  * How to Deal in the Finest Homes.  * How to Invest in real estate with Little to No Risk!   * Some Secrets of the Rich, How to Truly attain Solvency!   * The largest Buying Escape list Ever Created in any real estate course!  * How to get Started Investing in real estate with Little to No Money & No Credit. Plus much, much more!  A must for any serious real estate investor.  Not sold in bookstores.


1. "Using $olvency Internationals help I just bought three houses on two lots for no money down!  And, with the way I bought it, rent, rent prorations etc.  I received $1,068 back credit at closing!  I can't believe it, English isn't even my first language, the course really works! Thank you so much Mr. Griffin!”  JA

2. "I just wanted to commend you on your course.  It is the best one I have ever read and done ever! You definitely know what you're doing."  Thank you Mr. Griffin!" SH

3. "Using a non-qualifying lender and some of the methods you speak of I bought a four-plex for $20,000 with a cash credit back at closing for $1,100!  It needed minor repairs and I am almost finished renovating it and best of all I already have it rented!  I'll have a positive cash flow {PCF} of $600 totally rented, plus I have equity of over $25,000!"  PH

4. "I ordered Mr. Griffins course "How to Finance Your Way to Wealth with NO MONEY DOWN!" And I can't thank him enough.  I am well on my way to purchasing my first investment property with no money down!  The drills in the course really work and helped me over come a lot of my fears, I can't believe it!"  Thanks again!  LM

5. "This has been an unbelievable journey through what seemed to be a problem process, but with your help and extreme patience it came to a close.  After speaking with you I took a chance and I am so very glad I did.  Using your advice I bought a Duplex for $20,000 in sunny Florida I have it renovated now and am refinancing for cash out.  I'll also have about $200 a month positive cash flow!  I just can't believe this, today is a new start of a new way of life for me. Kudos' to you and thanks for the help."  RP

The Profit Formula
By: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $49.95
Course Hard Bound - (October 1998) 50 pages, plus diskette, by: $olvency International Inc., Publishing
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Course Description
Finally, a useful real estate tool for the real estate investor!  This is a wonderful computer software program which can instantly show your profit on any deal using any criteria!  Now you can purchase property with a credit at closing every single time you figure and evaluate deals!  Always know what your buying before you buy it!  What your buyers costs will be, what your selling costs will be when you resell, what your offer should be on a property, what offer to make if you're wanting a $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000 credit!    

Mr. Griffin has created one of the best, most practical and useful computer software programs for the real estate investor.  The course comes with seven incredible programs,  "The Profit Formula" shows you your profit on any deal using the lenders criteria, or any buying criteria you may be using, it's universal!  Plus, always go to closing with a credit, the formula does all the figuring for you!  You simply add in the numbers and wa la!  Within seconds your making your best & highest offer on the property!  No more waiting around taking minutes to figure a potential deal!  

"The Bidding Sheet Program" allows you to place multiple offers all at once on the Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS), plus, allows you to have an effective follow up system for keeping track and making follow up offers!  "The Wholesale Program" shows your prospective profit on any possible wholesale property deals!  Now you can wholesale property like the pros!  Plus more!  "The Renovations Program" allows you to keep track of your budget dollars and the renovations money, while rehabbing a retail property!  Now you can always keep track of your budget dollars!  Plus more!  "The Income Program" figures your profit on investment income property, and informs you of whether or not you can afford to own it.  Plus it gives you all the necessary figures needed to purchase the property!  Now you can figure profit potential on multi-unit properties within a few seconds!  Even large apartment complexes!  Plus there's one more valuable program that your going to definitely want which shows you what offers to make on homes if your using a lender, using your own funds, using a partners and more!  This remarkable software program is one of its kind, no other program has been available on the market at this low cost, comparable courses as well as this one, usually sale in the hundreds!  Just like a carpenter, a real estate investor needs tools to help make their profession a smooth and profitable one, The Profit Formula is that tool!

 Creating Your Way To Wealth       
By: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $99.95
Course Hard Bound - by: $olvency International Inc., Publishing
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      e-Book,  Available soon on e-book.

Book Description
The second main course by Mr. Griffin, gives you more knowledge on how to wholesale single family homes for fun and a quick profit.  More on how to buy property using options, sandwich lease options and other no money down techniques.  How acquire more private lenders for your real estate deals.  How to promote yourself and your business to success in only two years!  How to attract more motivated sellers.  Plus much, much more!   Not sold in bookstores.  


This is a really good course, I really liked it a lot, thank you. Gives a lot of information, especially on how to find more lending sources. B.W. from Salisbury, MD.

Future Projects
Please e-mail us to Reserve your copy!

How to Manage Your Holdings
By: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $149.00
Course Hard Bound - Not yet released by: $olvency International Inc.

Book Description
This course shows you how to manage your investment properties the easy way, from a single family home to a 500 unit apartment building.  Tells you everything you'll ever need to know to manage your properties with success and profit.  How to increase your profits every year with the same tenants.  Double your money annually per unit, using this sure profitable method.  How to keep the really good tenants happy!  Increase your wealth and cash flow every year with the same properties!  Plus much, much more!  

How To Protect Your Assets
By: Rod L. Griffin
List Price: $149.00
Course Hard Bound - Not yet released by: $olvency International Inc.

Book Description
In this course Mr. Griffin shows you how and when to protect your real estate holdings.  How to hide ownership of your assets.  Creating an unpenetrable pension plan.  How to avoid piercing the corporate vale.  Putting an empire on automatic pilot.  From establishing your estate, to creating the perfect will.  Leaving your fortune to those who deserve it.  Plus much, much more!

For more books on real estate, investments and business visit $olvency International's web-site at:

Other Categories

"The Way of the Cosmic Fist," A Beginners Guide into The Art of Tai-Ch'uan-Tao.
by: Rod L. Griffin & John J. Gabriel
List Price: $19.95, $11.97
Trade Market Paperback - ISBN# 0-9718505-1-8.  
Available wherever books are sold.  View cart below.
Compare prices and save : Paperback
Book Description
This is the first official book on Tai-Ch'uan-Tao's system, principals, practice and beginning techniques. In this all inclusive book you'll receive a thorough introduction into the Art of Tai-Ch’uan-Tao. You will learn first hand by Master Gabriel himself, what is meant by, "Clearing the Gate." You'll learn about our system, learn our basic blocks, kicks, attacks, vital points and defensive techniques. You'll also learn our first three forms, and the requirements for your next rank and much more!  Order your copy today!  Visit Tai-Ch'uan-Tao's web-site at:

A black belt since the age of fourteen Mr. Griffin was one of the youngest (if not "the youngest"), person to ever own and operate his own martial arts school in Rocky Mt. N.C.  Mr. Griffin, in three divisions is a four time (1995, 97-99) FLMA Florida State sport karate champion, a one time KRANE (1998), Florida State sport karate champion (in two divisions), a one time NASKA, (1998), US Open National Weapons champion and the member of the national sport karate team, "Team Pepsi," (2001-2002).  He has also sat on the board (as Secretary), of one of the largest sport karate leagues in the state of Florida.  He holds two black belts, in Tae-Kwon-Do-Ouh-Do-Kwon and in June-Soon-Dao-Kung-Fu and currently holds an advanced rank in the art of Tai-Ch'uan-Tao under the tutelage of Master John Gabriel.

Co-Author; Master John J. Gabriel
With a record of awards internationally, Mr. Gabriel ever so humble has done little to promote himself, working instead to promote his system and his many students.  He is currently ranked a seventh degree black belt in the art of Tai-Ch'uan-Tao.  In 1967-1970, Mr. Gabriel received his 1st degree black belt in Tae-kwon-Do under the tutelage of Mr. William Cowens.  Later in 1973, he received his 1st degree black belt in Tai-Ch'uan-Tao under the tutelage of Master Cheng Lu and now holds his 7th degree Master.  In 1973, he was the "1st American" to enter and win the open fighting and weapons divisions, at the prestigious Taiwan Invitational held every three years in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  In 1973-1976, he became a member of the “United States A.A.U. Sport Karate Team” and held the #1 title for the fighting and forms divisions.  Between 1974-1976, he competed in the Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA).  In 1974-1976, he became an International Triple Crown winner (forms; fighting, & weapons) for W.U.K.O. (world union karate organization).
In 1978, he formed the first “Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy” and the “American-Tai-Ch'uan-Tao Association,” which has since grown rapidly with over 5000 members.  Over the years he has personally trained over thirty state, national, and world champions, and has also been a personal body guard for such celebrities as Rodney Dangerfield, Sid Cesar, Kiss, Ozzie Osborne, Crystal Gail and Warren Beatty just to name a few.  In 1996 he was inducted into the “World Martial Arts Hall of Fame,” for the "Life Time Achievement Award."  Today, he is still actively teaching while continuing his efforts as the president of the Association, as well as the president of The Florida League Of Martial Artists (FLMA), sport karate league in Clearwater, Florida one of the largest sport karate leagues in the state.  He is also the Executive Director for the Florida NASKA Super Tour and national coach for Team Pepsi. He has a vision, to make Tai-Ch'uan-Tao known, not only as an excellent sport karate art, but also as an art, capturing the essence of true martial arts… mind, body, and spirit.

"Take that! It was good enough to defend Ozzie Osborne, Warren Beatty, Kiss and other notable celebrities!"
The Business Journal

“In this all inclusive book Master Gabriel and Mr. Griffin give you a thorough introduction
into the art of Tai-Chuan-Tao.
Action Martial Arts Magazine
“Interesting, and a welcome addition to any martial artist’s book collection!”
Martial Arts Today Television

Extremely accurate and knowledgeable
Reviewer: Watie Akins from Mattapoisett, MA.
I am very impressed. This book is extremely accurate and holds alot of knowledge regarding Tai-Chuan-Tao and can definitely be used as a tool. The authors dedication to this beautiful art is obvious. A must have for your library.

 "Walking the Martial Path," --Searching for the Tao within you.
by: Rod L. Griffin & John J. Gabriel
List Price: $19.95  
Trade Market Paperback - ISBN#  Not yet Released!

Book Description
Is There Life in the Martial Arts without Philosophy?
Searching for the Tao within You

For thousands of years the martial arts have been synonymous with enlightenment.  However, for the last thirty, within the west, with the exception of a select few, it has been lost.  What has happen to philosophy in the martial arts?  To what state has it dwindled?  With today's teachings, new generations of young martial artists see the arts as an art of physicality.  An art to master cool kicks, flips, and trips.  Long gone, by many, are the teachings of our ancestors, the great masters of our past we once held so dear and promised to pass on.  The teachings that once lead us to such enlightened states.  With the generations past, sadly to say, the martial arts have become an art of commercialism.  An art that has dwindle to receiving money for little exchange.  Instructors who have given black belts away for mear paper profits, therefore leading to students unable to perform the most basic of exercises within the system and thus unable to quote philosophical teachings.  Black belts made, when on observation are realistically at the intermediate level.  And so, it is with commercialism that the martial arts have dwindled, to an abandonment of the true essence of martial arts philosophy.  It is a total concentration on the physical and not a good one at that by many, which has helped bring the martial arts to its present.  But where will the next millennium take us?  Should we continue on this path of the physical and completely abandon the spiritual?  Is there life in the martial arts without philosophy?  It is no doubt, that the end result will wind up being what is done now.  As a fellow martial artist do you dare to learn the full aspects of your art, do you dare to question what you are being taught, do you dare to imagine a world where the martial arts can still lead you to enlightenment?  The authors believe it can.  Read, "Walking the Martial Path," and search for the Tao within you.

"Walking the Martial Path," is a wonderful brilliance into the martial arts world.  The old teachings of the Tao brought into new light for the next generation.  Just like thousands of years ago, the martial arts can still lead you to enlightenment.  One needs only to have the knowledge to get there.  "Walking the Martial Path," brings a step-by-step look into the true essence of achieving the martial way.  Covering philosophy, morals, ethics, and the true embodiment of the martial arts… achieving total mind body and spirit.  Read this book, and know the Tao within you.  

Future Projects

The Self Defense Techniques of Tai-Ch’uan-Tao
Tai-Ch’uan-Tao’s weapons
How to Become a Sport Karate champion using Tai-Ch’uan-Tao
Tai-Ch’uan-Tao’s advanced kicks and aerial kicks
The requirements for reaching Intermediate level rank in Tai-Ch’uan-Tao
The requirements for reaching Advanced level rank
The requirements for reaching Black belt