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Please click on the photo to enlarge it.  See more photos at Rod's new site!

 Rod & actor Michael                Rod & actor Don Wilson         Rod & actress Erin Gray, 02          Rod & actor Jeff Speakman    
 York, 02                                                                                                     

Rod & author James Swain      Rod w/ Wrld. renown               Rod w/ author Robert Olen          Rod w/ author Barbara Cronin       Rod & Wrld. Martial Arts
                                                author, Tyler Hicks. Ca. 00      Butler                                           Harrington                                   legend Bill Wallace, Ca. 01   

Rod & dear friend Jill Harth,            Rod w/ author Winn                   Rod & Wrld. Martial Arts              Rod & dear friend Nicole        
Cofounder & Producer of the           Schwartau                                 Champ. Lindy Denley                  Remini,  Ca. 01                          
famed "Calendar Girl" Model                                                            Ca. 1990        
Search,  Ca. 00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Rod w/ Wrld. Martial                  Rod & Wrld. Martial Arts             Rod & dear friend, Mindy
Arts champ. & Co-                     Champ. Moses William's Jr.,       Snyder, Ca. 01
Author, John Gabriel, Ca. 01    Ca. 1988   

More Photos

A future writer.              Rod, flying high for Team        Out on the town Ca. 1997     Rod & Tyler Niles               Book signing
Rod at six. 1973            Pepsi. Ca. 01